Frequently Asked Questions – Children’s Academy Lessons

How do I enroll my child in a lesson?

Children currently in our academy lessons receive priority to rebook. Siblings of those children are catered for next. If you attend our Easter or Summer Intensive swimming classes you will be prioitised over anyone on the waiting list. Finally we offer to our waiting list. Please be advised that our retention rate is very high and all offerings are subject to availability. 

What levels of classes are there?   

Levels 1-4

(Learn to swim and stroke development. These are widths classes where we take children from the age of 4+ and train team them up to deep-end stroke development classes. Level 4 has the capacity to swim half lengths should the teacher deem suitable for the class).

Levels 5 & 6

These are 25m lane classes where participants become accustom to swimming in lane format while learning lane etiquette and clock work. Stroke development continues while adding distance and improving aquatic endurance. These classes are suitable for pre-teens and teens but with our Instructors recommendation can accommodate children from the age of 10. Typically, we don’t want children younger than 10 in these classes as we are aware that the group dynamics can be for young teenagers and we are conscious of how conversation can change amongst this age group.

My child doesn’t seem to be moving levels?

Children are constantly assessed by their teacher and will be moved between classes when the teacher decides that they meet the right criteria. In certain cases a child could move to another level within the 8 weeks. They don’t have to wait for the next level/term to be moved.

Some children need a few terms in one level or possibly even longer. In our experience we have observed that the longer the child spends at the lower levels mastering the fundamentals, they may pass through other levels quickly, and become more proficient swimmers – which serves them best into adulthood. Ultimately, it varies by child.

All of the swim teachers understand that parents are keen for their child to move up levels. Unfortunately, unless they meet the right criteria, for health and safety reasons and the child’s confidence, they cannot be moved.

Extra practice always helps so we encourage parents to bring their children to Family Swims to improve their confidence and technique – this should be a regular activity to increase your child’s exposure to the water.

Am I allowed on the bank to talk to my child/swim teacher?

No. Due to Health and Safety and Child Protection reasons parents are not allowed on the pool bank unless invited on certain occassions by the teacher/manager. In this case blue pool shoe covers must be worn.

If required – The parent can meet their child through the dressing rooms at the footbath to bring them to the toilet.

Can I defer my child’s lessons until next term?

If you want to defer the lessons for a term or on to a siblings account you must supply a medical note indicating a period of absence from the water, e.g. broken wrist. The medical certificate will be viewed by management and a decision will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Can I get a refund / make up class if my child misses a lesson?

Our policy is that money will not be refunded if a swimmer fails to turn up for his/her lessons. Refunds can only be approved by the Pool Manager In exceptional circumstances.

Am I allowed to take pictures of my child swimming?

No. You may not take photographs of children in a swimming pool environment, regardless of whether they are your child or not.

Anyone found taking pictures will be asked to delete them from their device.

How long is each term?

Each term is 8 weeks long. There may be breaks for Mid-term/Public Holidays/Hallowe’en/Easter etc. Pupils will be informed of these and your will receive an email at least one week prior to the planned break (unless in an inforseen circumstance).

I don’t know what level my child should be in?

Teachers can assess the child in the first lesson with us and decide which level to put them in according to their technical ability. If you are in doubt of what level to choose please see our levels explained  here.

We always advise booking into a lower level if between levels and after an assessment with one of our teachers the child can be moved up a class. Psychologically, this is a better experience for the child rather than us having to move a child down a level.

Why does my child need to check in before each lesson?

Our policy requires that each child sign in before each lesson in order to record the number of children in the pool in case of an emergency and to maintain a record of lessons taken etc.

If your child’s name is not on the list as having signed up and paid for the lesson they will not be allowed to part-take in that lesson.