Adult Swimming Classes

We provide adult swimming lessons for people of all abilities by our dedicated team of Instructors.

It’s never too late to begin learning to swim, and lots of our learners find that their new swimming skills are a fantastic way of helping them to enjoy the water with their children and grandchildren and even great-grandchildren.

We understand that adults have so many commitments in life and cannot always commit to terms of lessons which is why we offer adults lessons and advanced classes on a pay-as-you-go system.

We have two categories for adults to participant in;

learn to swim and advanced coaching. 

Generally, a person should be 17 or over  to participate in our adult classes.

Learn to swim:

A beginner’s group, an improvers group and a deep end (advanced) group. Each group has its own instructor. We like to keep the groups separate so that everyone gets plenty of attention and can make optimum progress. All the teachers are well-trained and experienced in working with adults.

You can use the ‘Book a Public Session’ button on the HOME page to book you space in our weekly classes. Bookings are essential to maintain quality in a P.A.Y.G System and also to ensure class numbers don’t go over our guidelines. Please book in by the level of your standard – beginner, improver or deep ender (advanced) and then select from our ‘Ladies only’ lesson or our ‘mixed adult’ class.

Booking in advance is necessary as these classes are extremely popular and so that we can accurately prepare for our classes in advance.

Advanced Coaching:

We also run advanced coached sessions for good experienced adult swimmers. In these classes adults have the opportunity to swim full lengths with an instructor available for advice on perfecting techniques, etc. This class is popular with people who are training for triathlons or those who like to get fit by swimming.

  1. Advanced adult coached lanes – Speed & fitness

This session takes place on Mondays at 20:45-21:30 and can be booked in advance online. This is a fast paced workout with a high energy requirement. The coach combines speed work and exercises through the resistance of the water in order to improve your speed and overall fitness.

*Participants should be able to swim 1 length front crawl under 25s. 

*Participants should be able to cover 20-40 lengths comfortably over a session. 


2. Advanced adult coached lanes – Distance 

This session takes place on Thursdays at 20:15-21:00 and can be booked in advance online. This is an endurance workout, designed to build on your overall fitness and water stamina.

*Participants should be able to cover 20-40 lengths comfortably over a session.