Teen’s Summer Coached Lanes Classes

After your child has graduated from our Academy lessons (or a similar swimming lessons structure elsewhere), our teachers will recommend that they continue their swimming journey in our weekly coached lanes classes (level 5 and level 6 of our program).   

These coached sessions are available to pre-teens and teens on a weekly basis during term time. Over the summer months we break from our weekly lessons and so, for the first year this year have collectively decided to continue our level5&6 coached lanes classes on a pay-as-you-go basis, in July and August.

These are stroke development classes and it is expected that attendees are already proficient in the water. For our current customers, it should have been recommended that your child join our lanes classes and for any new participants, they should already have been advised to join lanes classes in their previous swim school.

This class is geared towards children aged 12+

However, where your child is not yet 12 and has been advised to join a lanes class we advise that those no younger than the age of 10 participate in these classes. While we would love to accommodate younger children we are conscious that conversation topics may change around the teenage years and we must maintain our child safeguarding policy at all times.

For children aged 10-12, parents are advised to remain on the premises during classes and to supervise their child in changing rooms at all times.

These sessions are all coached by Swim Ireland trained teachers and will take place on Friday evenings at 18:45-19:30 for just €10 per class.

1st class will commence on July 05th 2024.

If you have any questions about these classes please drop us an email tcspool@terenurecollege.ie where a member of our team can assist further.