For Parents

Please allow enough time to ensure your child is ready for the start time of lessons Appropriate swimwear, hats and goggles must be worn. Please ensure your child’s armbands are inflated and on the child before the lesson. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your child until handover to swim teacher Inform Terenure Pool of any health concerns pertaining to your child. Any changes to your child’s health should be reported prior to swimming lessons. Please do not distract your child during lessons. Please don’t go onto pool deck unless you are asked to do so by a teacher. Video or photography is not permitted in the pool area including mobile phones. If you wish to change class day or time please speak with reception or email Changing day or time without permission may impede on the pool’s new policy of 12 children per class.   For Children Use the pre-cleanse showers and the toilet before lesson starts. Listen to your swim teacher and follow their instructions at all times. At the end of lessons please leave the pool immediately.