Our children swimming lessons are taught in five stages:


Your child will gain confidence in the water through games, whilst being taught the foundations of swimming.  Children will be taught basic stroke technique. By the end of this stage swimmers will be able to tread water, understand the basic breathing technique and  propel themselves in a variety of directions.

Improver 1-Starfish

Children will learn the basic technique for freestyle and backstroke with an introduction to breaststroke. By the end of this stage, swimmers will be able to swim confidently and perform a range of skills from push and glides, treading water and picking objects up from the pool floor.

Improver 2-Dolphins

Classes at this level will develop your child’s technique whilst increasing their stamina. By the end of this stage your child will perform breaststroke, backstroke and front crawl over at least 10m. This stage also progresses the already learnt skills needed for learning to dive.


Your child will learn to swim in the deep end of the pool using the swimming and breathing techniques taught in the previous stages. Water safety, although taught throughout the programme, is brought to the fore in this stage with a focus on open water safety skills. Swimmers completing this stage will now move onto swimming lengths.


Your child will now be swimming lengths and refining the basic strokes already learnt to turn them into efficient strokes. Forward and backward rolls are a great fun element within this stage, which form the beginnings of learning starts and turns. On completion, swimmers will swim 25m plus in all three competitive strokes and 25m butterfly leg kick. For more information on Children Swimming Lessons see links below: